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José Ulises Niño Rivera

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Photography is my oldest art form, as such my treasure trove is too large to display here.

The most up-to-date feed lives in the Lightroom community space. However, that collection is also truncated.

Here in the Pukka Built website I will have a rotating display of my latest work.


Subject: Portrait photography

This is a series of my sister working on ceramic. The place was small and cozy, and incredibly warm because of the kiln. I hope to reflect all those things in the style.


Subject: Portrait photography

I had the unbelievable luck to meet Vicky & Jack of 木平台 in Taipei, Taiwan for a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Jack also took me to his woodworking school in New Taipei City. If you ever find yourself in Taipei please do yourself the favor to visit Vicky, and Jack and their amazing gallery 木平台 which displays masterful danish mid-century furniture alongside the exciting work of contemporary Taiwanese woodworkers.