Pukka Built

Professional Services by

José Ulises Niño Rivera

[email protected]


Open Source

I worked for a long time in high-performance networking solutions in the the Open Source domain at Lyft. I was lucky enough to run into a group of people that allowed me to create software that is now built by hundreds, used by thousands, and served billions of requests for some of the worlds biggest sites.


I was part of the founding Envoy team at Lyft that built, productionized, and Open sourced a piece of software that now has become indispensable for cloud networking solutions around the world.

Envoy Mobile

I was the co-creator of Envoy Mobile, a mobile networking library for iOS and Android that is on its way to power some of the world’s most used Apps. The project was donated to the CNCF, and later merged onto the main Envoy project.